ITRA Point

69.40km / 2,100m+
Endurance POINT 4

Course Map


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+++The course shown is the planned course. Please be aware that the course may change depending on circumstances.(2017.11.16)

Elevation Map


*:If you pass Aid Station 4 later than 14:00 a light will be necessary later in the race, so be sure to include one in your kit. If you do not have a headlamp or handheld flashlight of sufficient intensity for mountaineering with you, you will not be allowed to continue the race. Be sure to install batteries beforehand. Please be aware that emergency lights, mobile phone lights and similar devices are not considered suitable equipment.

*:Cutoff times are the time of departure from an aid area. If you do not leave an aid area before the cutoff time you will not be allowed to continue.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT (These are items that must be carried with you at all times during the race): Drinks (1L or more), food, rain gear (which can also serve for warmth), gloves, mobile phone.

Please bring your own cup.


To reduce garbage and conserve resources, paper cups will not be available at aid stations at this event. Please be sure to bring your own cup and carry it with you.